We love science.  We love behavior.  We love change.  At Creative Pieces Behavior Associates, we use Applied Behavior Analysis (which is a set of principles that look at events and the environment around) to capture motivation, learning, and bring about social significant outcomes.

Our Services:

Individualized Programming: The Initial Assessment is an essential part of establishing your child’s ABA program. The assessment is conducted in your child’s home. From there, our Certified Behavior Analyst will create an individualized program designed specifically for your child and maximize learning by managing and making changes when needed.

Early Intervention/ABA Therapy: This is where we work with our early learners in a one-to-one format.  We break down skills into smaller steps, teach in short intervals, use prompt procedures, and reinforcement. Early Intervention programs focus on skill and language growth.

Higher Order/Self-Management Skills: This is where we work with those who have acquired all the early intervention skills, yet still need direct teaching to help develop, manage, and generalize independence.  This is where we teach the client how to self-evaluate and monitor their behaviors, reflect on their behaviors, and even reinforce their own behaviors.

Other Services Offered:

*Toilet Training

*Parent Training

*Consultation: Short Term Service

*Social Skills and Play Groups

*Staff Training